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How to Purchase The Tribute or Individual Exhibits

We have many exhibits in our tribute and they are available for purchase. We can design a custom exhibit for display depending on your preferences. It could be for local heroes, a state or other region heroes or specific units or events. We love to create a unique design for each customer.


The Vietnam Wall is offered at both the 80% and 60% sizes. They can be fabricated with a rotary engraver or a laser engraver. Both types provide an excellent product. They are black anodized on front and back of .125 Marine grade Aluminum with UV protected anodizing. They can be purchased as panels only (for application to a fixed wall), or can be backed with aluminum tubing in 5-foot sections (for affixing to hard surface as well). While our design is a replica of the Wall in DC, we had the luxury of taking the time to fix all known mistakes and also to update to the current additions. It is not a duplicate and we can modify it in size etc. to accommodate your desires. Walls are expensive and take a while to make, so we offer different financial ways to purchase within your budget. We also offer advice on how to tackle the raising money issue that everyone faces. 


Our other stock tributes, listed on page What is The Tribute  can be purchased as individual panels, portion, or one entire package. We offer them as only panels (for affixing to hard surface) or we can produce an installation package ready to install on arrival.  Bottom line, we can make them however best works for y'all. If you don’t see what you want or want to offer another event for inclusion let us know.


How to purchase: Simple and Straight Forward


Call or text DON ALLEN, OWNER at 507-380-2465 

He will help you with all the details and in and outs. 


 Thank You.

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