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About Us

Mission Statement

Travel the United States of America showcasing the Traveling Vietnam Wall and Cost of Freedom Tribute to Honor, Respect and Remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

Educate the present and future generations of Americans about our historical past while supporting Veterans, their family members and Veteran causes through our non-profit - America's Freedom Tribute (501c3).

Our Story

AVTT was originally formed in 1998. After several owners it was purchased and reformed in 2005 by Retired Lieutenant Colonel Don Allen (US Army and Vietnam Veteran) and his wife Dr. Barb Allen. When LTC Don Allen retired from the Army he had a calling that drew him to doing something for fellow veterans. He utilized his talents in the very beginning by literally running a one-man show (fabrication, marketing and setting up shows). As time pressed forward, the need for forward and upward growth was imminent.

In 2019, the doors were opened to our current location in Bullard, Texas. We have expanded from our original product to now offering tributes from every major conflict from World War I until today.

American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) is a multi-division Nationally recognized Veteran owned and operated small business. Our 80% Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall, has been part of more than 500 events across the United States over the last 19 years.

So...What Do We Do Exactly?

We are a small committed team that focuses our efforts on:

  1. Booking and traveling the US with our Traveling Tribute. 

  2. Continually developing additional exhibits for the Tribute.

  3. Developing and providing our exhibits to individuals, organizations and communities.

  4. Custom designs, fabricating tributes and other patriotic exhibits.

  5. Designing and marketing products that celebrate America, Patriotism and Military Service.

  6. Maintaining our culture of honoring those who serve and praising those who support them.

  7. Maintaining a service-oriented business while trying to do the very best for our customers.

  8. Building our products in our shop with made in USA material and a small but talented group of Patriots.

 9. Educating the present and future generations so that history may never die. 


AVTT operates two outdoor tributes (360ft x 8ft), and three double-sided tributes (89ft x 6ft) which can be utilized indoors or outside smaller venues. 


Our 5000 sq. ft shop in Bullard Texas includes; 2 ISO 8000 XP Rotary Engravers, 2 Boss HP5598 150-watt large platform Lasers, 1 VR48 S5 4' x 8' CNC Router / Engraver, and all the equipment needed to work with cutting and fabricating. 


If you are coming our way, give us a call we would love to meet ya’ll and show you around our place. 


Thanks. Look forward to seeing you. 

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