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How Do I Book The Tribute?

How to Book the Tribute


  1. Determine which dates you would like us to visit. Our events are normally; arrival on a Wednesday afternoon, have escort to site and secure trailer for the night. Set up begins on Thursday morning. We can modify if needed.

  2. Get your exact location of where the event will be set up.

  3. Call Stephanie at 903-952-9188 to discuss the above. 

  4. She will go over options, details, pricing and discuss available dates. We strive to match your dates, but we have driving parameters and crew time issues that require compliance so timing may require adjustment.

  5. Once all has been discussed Misty will send you an application and a copy of our contract to appear based on your schedule. It is important that all items are filled out and the signed contract is returned with the deposit. 

  6. Once received and signed on our end the booking is complete and your event is added to the online schedule and a Facebook event is created on our AVTT Facebook Page. You will be contacted by the Traveling Tribute Manager to discuss a site visit if required.

  7. Misty will also provide you with additional information about “Having a Successful Event.” We have been doing this for many years, so we stand ready to advise on most anything surrounding the event. Just ask. We answer our phones. 

  8. Our payment schedule and amounts are laid out in the contract and usually are; a deposit due on booking, second payment due 90 days after deposit, and final payment is due 90 days prior to the event. The surety fee is due 45 days prior to the event and returned within two weeks of the event closing. This is designed to assist in your fund-raising timeline.

  9. We suggest you provide pictures, press coverage and video for the event participants and all ceremonies. You can upload to the Facebook Event for facilitation if you wish. Remember you are creating memories for everyone that helps and attends. Give them something powerful to remember.



Thank you and good luck. 

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